Brutus In the play, Julius Caesar

Brutus In the play, Julius Caesar

Brutus In the play, Julius Caesar, in considered the noblest Roman of them all. His qualities are all good and honorable. His only fault was that he trusts people too much. This character sketch will show the personality of Brutus. Brutus was highly respected. The Romans looked up to him, wanting to be like him as well. … he sits high in all the peoples hearts. (act 1, sc 3, l 157) He is very modest. Ho does not have allot of ambition like Caesar. I love the name of honor, more than I fear death. He is an honorable man. Brutus is honorable to all the Romans. But win the noble

Brutus to our party. (act 1, sc 3 l 141) Brutus in a leader. He proves that he is a leader when he takes over from cassius and the other conspirators let him. Good gentlemen look fresh and merrily… Put on our purpose and bare it… with untied spirits. He is a fair man. He shows he his fair when he gives Mark Antony the chance to speak after him alone. Antony shall speak. Brutus has a good conscience. He shows he has a good conscience because will not do anything, he thinks in wrong. I had rather drop my blood than to wrong from the hard hands of peasants their vile trash..

He is calm and reasonable. Brutus shows this when he leaves and lets Mark Antony speak to the crowd at Caesars funeral. Peace, Peace… Brutus does not believe in suicide. He thinks that suicide is dumb, but he will kill him self if he is going to lose a battle or be captured. Think not… the Ides of March begin.. He thinks all the Romans where good to him. Brutus thinks he has lived a good life because all the Romans were all very honest with him. I found no man but he was true to me. Brutus in an idealist. He has the noble view that all the people will behave honorably.

Be patient till the last… Brutus is also very gullible. He shows this when he leaves and lets Mark Antony speak alone. … Good countrymen let me depart alone… stay here with Antony… He is a very honest man as well. He shows when he admits that he killed Caesar, but that it was for the good of Rome. … let no man abide this deed, but we the doers. This Character sketch showed you Brutuss personality as well as all of his qualities. Mark Antony was right in the play, Julius Caesar, when he said that Brutus was the noblest Roman, witch was his only and fatal flaw.

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