Buddha – the founder of Buddhism

Buddha – the founder of Buddhism

Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, considered by hundreds of millions of people as the “Enlightened One” who looked for truth in the world. Ironically, the truth about his life is shrouded in mystery as most of the records taken about him were from followers, not historians. He was born into a military family, the Sakyas, in Lumbini Nepal in about 563 BC. His actual name was Gautama Siddhartha but has also been called Gautama Buddh and Sukyamuni (Sage of the Sakyas).

At an early age, he began meditating and inner reflection. This displeased his father, who wanted him to be a warrior. Buddha agreed to enter into the world of the court and married at a young age. Buddha soon found his normal life dull and went on a search for enlightenment by traveling as far as he could. In 533, he encountered an old man, a sick one, and a dead one. He then met a monk who led a calm and serene life and decided to give up his marriage, money, and title to live a simpler life.

This is known as the “Great Renunciation”. He went on to investigate Hinduism and wasn’t impressed. One day he was sitting under a tree and gained the “Great Enlightenment. ” He then preached his wisdom, which can be compared to Jesus Christ’s teachings. He went to establish missionaries where people of all backgrounds were able to live together. His views deeply changed the way millions lived and Buddhism is still very popular especially in Asia.

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