Most Important Of Henry VIII’s Children

Most Important Of Henry VIII’s Children

In the 15th century, Elizabeth Tudor was born. Child of Henry Tudor and Anne Boleyn she was mistreated, uncared for, and forgotten about by Henry. Though she was the last of the three children to take the throne, she was the most successful. The first heir to take the throne was Edward I. He succeeded in 1547. Edward’s rule was primarily unsuccessful, he did accomplish some things in the spiritual realm. First he published the English prayer book. The English Prayer book was the first “Protestant” religious document published in England.

He also abolished many Catholic rituals in the church. Edward died at age 17 from complications of his heart. The 2nd ruler that descended from Henry VIII was Mary. Mary was coranated in 1553. Mary was the daughter of Henry and Catherine of Aragorn. After Henry’s marriage with Catherine was annulled, Mary and her mother was sent to Scotland to live in political exile. Being raised by her mother who was Catholic, she ended up being a Catholic Queen in a protestant England. Her religious policies for turning England back into Catholic was a totally unsuccessful.

Her marriage to King Phillip, produced an xenophobic feeling in the stubborn English peasantry. Being influenced by Phillip’s persuasion, she implemented a policy of executing people for being Catholic. Over 300 people were executed. After Phillip had left her she fell apart from loneliness and sadness. She later died from a stomach ulcer. The third child to take the English throne was Elizabeth I otherwise known as Elizabeth the Virgin because she never married. Born in 1533 she grew up with Edward.

Because of this she learned how to rule the country of England. She was the only child left to take the throne. After the nightmare with Mary the English people welcomed the Protestant Queen. Elizabeth’s achievements are many and great. After giving a speech to the soldiers who fought the Spanish Armada, they fought and defeated the Spanish in a decisive victory even though they were outnumbered and outgunned. She brought English out of debt and turned this backwards country into a booming economy.

She also brought England a state theater that has lasted till this day. In conclusion there were three children of Henry that took the throne. First Edward, who improved some of the protestant problems, but was largely unsuccessful. Then “Bloody Mary” who murdered, destroyed, and angered the populace of England. Finally Elizabeth took the throne. He intelligence, wisdom, and ingenuity brought England to become a world power. It’s ironic but Henry’s least expected heir was actually the best.

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