The Internet assignment

The Internet assignment

This Internet assignment consisted of going to the web site WWW. NCJRS. ORG, picking one of the various boxes displayed and researching the contents of it. Out of about thirteen choices, I chose to be “original” and research Law Enforcement. When I pulled up the web site, there was a display of the earth and coming out from all different sides were the topics that the site has links too. I went to the link that read Law Enforcement. After clicking on the link I was brought to a page with three more links on it. The links read Documents, World Wide Web (WWW) Sites, and Listservs.

I went to the first one, which were documents. The page came up and was entitled in large letters at the top, DOCUMENTS. As I scrolled down the page I saw a number of documents with a variety of different topics relating to law enforcement. The list was in alphabetical order and each letter had several articles. Most of the documents had an ASCII Text file and an Adobe Acrobat file attached to it. Some of the topics on the list had links to other sites that had more information about the topic. At the bottom of this page there was a link back to the homepage and links to the other two Law Enforcement selections.

The second link I looked at was WWW sites. This link displayed a number of different web sites relating to Law Enforcement. These sites were also in alphabetical order and there were sites with topics from A to Z. Some of the sites were American Police Association, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Law Enforcement Agencies on the Web, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, United States Marshals Service. Among the list of web sites, these were the one’s I was interested in looking at.

These sites gave great information and links to more information about their organizations and functions. Out of the sites that I chose I think the U. S. Marshals Web Page was the most interesting and enjoyable. They listed their mission and then gave a list of links to research a number of different topics. Some of the links were the history of the marshals, an honor to marshals, a page of speeches and testimonies, career opportunities, major cases, wanted fugitives and a list of other links. The last category was listserver. This page displayed a short paragraph narrative of the topic it describes.

Then listed at the end is a web link to the web page for more info. Topics include bike cops, Creating High Tech Tools to Fight High Tech Crimes, Criminal Justice Discussion List, Emergency Management, Discussion List Public Safety Newsletter, IACP Info LEANALYST (Law Enforcement Analysts), JUSTINFO electronic newsletter, and Police Discussion List (police-l). I feel this page has a lot of valuable information and is easy to navigate. There is variety of information about a number of different topics. All you need to know is what topic you would like to research.

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