The Odyssey Paper

The Odyssey Paper

Odysseys is angry that he has been betrayed by Circe and threatens her to tell him the way home. She tells him that only Tarsiers know the way home. He must go to the underworld to find him. Back in Ithica men taunt Telemachus with his fathers death. Odysseus finds Tarsier, and he tells him that he is blinded by the journey not the passage which is his life and that he must fallow the star and he will run into 2 beasts, Scylla and Charyladis.

On the way out of hell he sees his mother. The ship travels through a cave where it is attacked by Scylla, then the ship goes over a waterfalls where the ship and all of the men left after Scyllas attack get swallowed up by Charyldis leaving only Odysseus alone on the sea. He reaches an island ruled by Calypso and is inhabited only by women.

Telemachus must go to Sparta to see if he can get help to stop the suitors from over running his home. Odysseus is trapped on Calypsos island for 2 more years until Hermes tells Calypso that she must set hem free because Zeus says so or her island will be at the bottom of the sea. Melante, Penelopes maid tells Antinous about Penelopes lagging on her tapestry and he destroys it.

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