The Reason I Chose The Topic Of Steroids

The Reason I Chose The Topic Of Steroids

The reason I chose the topic of Steroids used in sports is because I am an athlete and I have always been curious as to why athletes feel the need to use an illegal drug just to get a slight edge on the competition. I already knew or had an idea of what steroids where, I just didn’t know who used them, why people used them, the effects they had overall on your body, and what sports where they banned in.

My original feelings about the subject was that I was very interested in finding out some information on steroids, and I had convinced myself that I was going to have a good time looking up some exciting new very inquiring information. During the unit my efforts where tremendously successful in finding helpful information to put together and formulate a good research paper. I had no major difficulties except at the beginning of the project when I was having a little trouble narrowing down the main sport(s) I was going to focus the steroid use on.

However, I did uncover more information than I thought I was going to discover, and I was satisfied with how much information I found is out there on Steroids. Furthermore, during my research project I didn’t have any changes in my feelings about steroids being used in sports, I still felt like they was n unfair substitute for hardwork and they are in my opinion still bad for the body. This research project has been very meaningful to me and it also helped me make up my mind that I was never going to jearpordise my career in sports by using a life-threatening drug like steroids.

I have learned that when I am really interested in learning more about something as I was in learning more about steroids, I will do whatever it takes to retrieve knowledgeable information. My overall opinions and feelings about this topic is that I have really learned a lot by having researched a lot of nformation on this particular subject, and I will always be an major advocate and promoter for drug free athletes.

Likewise, my feelings about the project as a hole is that I think that it was a good learning experience for me, because although I knew some information about my topic there was a thirst inside of me that just longed for more intriguing information about the vast steroid epidemic in sports. I respect my instructor Mrs. Tebrake and I appreciate her assigning this project to the class, so that I could research and educate myself on something that I was particularly interested in.

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