The Uneven Distribution Of Fresh Water

The Uneven Distribution Of Fresh Water

Uneven distribution of fresh water causes an Impact on the lives of people; it causes the destruction of nature, and depletion of a valuable resource. There are also political problems connected to the distribution of fresh water Uneven distribution of fresh water directly affects the distribution of the global population. People can live in one of two areas; there is either an abundance of water or not enough. Many problems can arise from overpopulation on large water bodies.

Pollution can occur through dumping and wastes. The Niagara River for example, which is right on the border and is being polluted from both sides, making control of the problem harder. Pollution of this kind also affects natural ecosystems and marine life; it kills off and endangers local species. And where there isn’t enough water there are other problems to contend with. Allocation, desalinization, and transportation of fresh water can be costly as well.

The water they do have in arid regions can be quite filthy and infected with disease. Water deficient areas can only grow a limited amount of crops with out irrigation and are therefore forced to depend on import food Problems during transportation or relocation of water can occur. Water can be lost through evaporation while rerouting waterways. This too Involves human intervention, which presents many more problems. Man made waterways, dams, pumps, these things require energy, creates wastes, and ruin the natural environment.

They interrupt marine ecosystems as well as marsh areas and swamps. Huge river projects displace people, cultures and livelihoods and put species in danger. For example in Iraq, the days of reed built houses and long wooden boats are over. The uneven distribution of fresh water also causes political problems and wars. The ownership of rivers such as the Nile; can become a problem among borderlines with Egypt Sudan and Ethiopia having possible rights to the river.

There can be disastrous effects to this issue. The Niagara river for example which also affects political aspects of the economy as it is right on the border of Canada and the United States but is also extremely polluted, and taking responsibility for who should clean up can then become a problem. Tension can also result between countries; one such example would be Libya. Economies can suffer due to these projects since people are evacuated and jobs are lost and more energy is used up at a greater rate.

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