Man and his dreams

Man and his dreams

He has waited a life time for the next ten seconds. The Olympics have always been his dream. Two years ago he ran the 100m in 9. 7 seconds, now he is even faster. He is now nearly as quick as the fastest animal on earth. Standing on the blocks he He practiced for hours a day , ever since his father put the blocks in the yard. He worked at his time everyday and kept improving. When he was 12 years old he made the juinor high track team.

He held the school record for the fastest time. As the fastest juinor high runner in the state he lead his team to a victory at the regionals. After graduating high school he recieved a full scholarship to the best college around. He became very determined to reach his olympic dreams. He worked for hours after school each day and when he wasn’t in class. Practicing getting off the blocks, trying to better his time and himself, working for that one life long dream.

One day while he was running some laps around the track he tripped over a ball that had rolled on the path and hurt his leg very badly. He went to the hospital to get it checked out and the news wasn’t very good. His leg was broken and he would be out for the rest of the The doctors told him he would never be as fast again and that there was no hope for the Olympics. Altough the situation didn’t look good he kept his hopes up and still remained determined to achieve that goal.

As soon as the cast came off he began his training, first walking, then jogging and eventualy running. He went back to running regularly everyday before and after school, being carefull not to over do it. By the start of the next season he was back in shape and good to go almost at his top speed. Throughout the rest of his college carrior he won many awards and medals and raduated with just about every record posible to obtain at his level. After college he had less than a year to prepare himself for the Olympics.

He had worked harder than he had ever worked before with his mind on only one thing. He was determined to win the gold medal and would not be completely satisfied untill he did. His time was coming up in the next few minits as he placed his feet on the bolcks. This would be his time to proove to the whole world that he was the best, it was here that all of his hard work and dedication would pay off. Now is his time, he has waited a life time for these next ten seconds…

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