My thoughts on “The Essay on Man”

My thoughts on “The Essay on Man”

What I figure is, if I write a paper like it has always been written. I think it will be dull and I don’t want to write another DULL paper so I thought I would write this paper on my total though on the “Essay on Man”. I must start by saying I enjoyed this essay a lot. The writer has a great use of words and his work is very easy to understand. There is a lot of detail but not too much, it’s just enough to give you the incentive. He keeps you on edge waiting for what’s next I absolutely love that in something written.

I also like the way he gets his point across and does it with such strength! His words flow perfectly and actually make you think. It also makes his essay easier to understand. Yet I don’t want to lye I’m not totally infatuated with this essay there are not many agreeable things for me in this writing. For one you have to sit back and think is this just one man’s opinion or is it all or ours? Well in my opinion this is only one man speaking to all men. Why, we the men of the world never had a leader, never had a central control over us.

Truthfully I would like to see an “Essay on Men”. Someday we will see it and it will be a whole new understanding. Yet I am not in total disagreement with his views. He does have good points yet they are still all total opinion of one man. The essay itself is titled “Essay On Man”; I think found the true meaning of that name. I’m my own mind I have. Yet in another man’s mind it will most definitely be a different view. Even in the first lines he voices that man is to “leave meaner things to low ambition”(line1-2).

I disagree already because I know a large amount of men who would leave things most important to them small or large to their highest ambition. In a sense the writer is wrong yet he is also right. That’s why I find this essay very interesting yet argumentative at the same time. It’s great it draws you more into it and causes you to want to voice your opinion on man himself! Now all I’m waiting for is an essay on woman! With that I expect many controversial thoughts. Would be twice as interesting but it would have to be by a different writer of course!

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